Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Office Chairs

If you work in an office, you probably spend at least 8 hours a day sitting in your chair. That’s about 80 days in a single year IF you never ever work on Saturdays. Accordingly, having a good office chair is nothing short of essential for your overall well-being. It’s vital for the health of your spine.

However, not all chairs are purely functional. Ergonomics are important, but style counts too. Here we consider some of the more interesting, quirky and “over the top” chairs on the market.

The Vespa Chair (BV-10 Limited Edition)

With 16 million scooters sold worldwide, Vespa is the most popular scooter in history by a long shot. Vespa is classy – and so is the Vespa Chair. The Barcelona-based designers from Bel & Bel are the masterminds behind this original creation. Fine leather upholstery provides comfort, while the Vespa replica on the back shows off your taste and creativity to others. Fully functional flashing lights complete the chair’s retro-funky appearance. The Vespa chair guarantees extra emotional charge for all Vespa fans.

The Chakra Chair

Designed by Karim Rashid for the Raynor Group, the Chakra Chair is intended to support your body where it needs it most – on its most used pressure points. The chair is a somewhat alien looking one, but its odd appearance belies its ergonomic quality. The design is rooted in the Chakra theory of Indian medicine, where each human has 7 distinct force centres of energy in their body, and echoing this is the Chakra Chairs seven distinct seating pads.

Anthro office chairs

Anthro office chairs, which are made by Anthro Technology Furniture from Oregon, actually look like the human spine. The chairs are made of multiple metal vertebrae to support every inch of your back. What’s especially impressive is that these chairs actually change shape to support your back. By leaning back, you can contour the chair to fit the shape of your back.


The GymyGym is definitely designed for “active” customers who want to keep moving even while they’re at their desks. The chair comes with elastic resistance straps for arms and legs, which enables you to perform 16 core exercises to strengthen all major muscle groups in the torso, chest, legs, arms, back, glutes and shoulders. With this chair, it’s guaranteed you won’t feel like a sack of potatoes after an eight-hour work day.

Customisable office chairs

If you’re more the practical type and are looking for a chair that provides a good balance of function and style, office furniture suppliers can offer you the chance to personalise your chair based on your particular ergonomic seating needs. After you’ve chosen a general chair type, you can customize your chair by choosing everything from chair arms and bases to wheels and fabric, in a range of designs and colours.

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