5 Weirdest Simulation Games

Things have come a long way since the days of Sim City and Theme Hospital, and huge numbers of simulation games are now available. Here we consider the five strangest simulation games that you can play today.

5 – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Actual surgeons should look away now, as this is anything but a realistic surgery simulator. As a player, you have a first-person perspective of this game, but each hand is independently controlled and deliberately made to be difficult to wield accurately. So steep is the learning curve that even managing to pick up a tool without dropping it comes as something of an accomplishment. Once you’ve managed to pick up, say, a scalpel, the fun really begins as you bumble your way through surgical procedures, sending chunks of bone, organ and flesh flying.   

4 – Warehouse and Logistics Simulator

Managing a warehouse and everything that comes with that isn’t most people’s idea of fun. Nevertheless, game developer UIG saw fit to create a game that centres on logistics solutions. In practice, the name overshoots the actual content of this game; it’s more of a forklift simulator. As a player, you control of the “Jungheinrich” forklift, lifting and depositing crates and palletised shipments in three “exciting” 3-D worlds – a warehouse, a construction zone and a port zone. What this game lacks in excitement it makes up for in its downloadable content, “Hells Warehouse”, in which a zombie outbreak threatens your stock.

3 – Wood Cutter Simulator 2013

Ever wonder what it would be like to run a modern sawmill? Probably not. With this simulator, however, you can try your hand at chopping wood, levelling up, buy better wood-chopping equipment and, in turn, chop more wood in less time. Riveting!

2 – Toilet Tycoon

If you think you have what it takes to rule the world of the porta-potty, this is the game for you. Work your way up from a humble allotment outhouse using radical new ablution research technologies, and even sabotage your competitors’ facilities. You can hire thugs to smash up their toilets with mallets, vandalise them with permanent markers or even throw up in them. This game isn’t all serious business though – the developers have a knack for comedy. The main character’s name is Flush Gordon

1 – Hatoful Boyfriend

The real name for this game should be “Pigeon Dating Simulator”, as that is the primary aim of the game – dating pigeons and other winged beauties. As a player, you take the role of a new (human) girl at a high school, where the other scholars, the teachers and the principle are all birds. Actual birds. Characters sometimes appear briefly as humans, only to shape-shift into birds. Whether these characters are actually shape-shifting animorphs or you are a high-school girl who’s dabbled in hallucinogens is a mystery. This game is at turns funny and terrifying, especially if you suffer from ornithophobia.

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