Cape Town Attorneys by Type

Having legal issues but not sure who to turn to? If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, read on to find out about five top legal firms, each a leader in its field.

Cullinan & Associates: Environmental law


Representing a number of clients in the field of agriculture, climate change and coastal and marine issues, Cullinan & Associates was established in 1994 as EnAct International in London. The founder, Cormac Cullinan, returned to Cape Town in 1999, and today the firm is run in partnership with Gregory Daniels and Sarah Kvalsvig. The firm also has an office in Durban.

After a run of successes in the field of environmental law, the firm has expanded its operations to include legal services for green entrepreneurs and businesses involved in renewable energy, clean tech and sustainable investment.

Von Seidels: Intellectual property law


Intellectual property and patent law is an important field in a country like South Africa, where there are so many budding entrepreneurs with valuable ideas. From its office in Cape Town, Von Seidels provides legal assistance in:

  • registering and upholding patents
  • registering designs, trademarks and domains
  • preventing copyright infringements
  • submitting advertising and consumer complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority
  • licensing and contracts
  • protecting commercial intellectual property
  • protecting plant breeders’ rights
  • intellectual property portfolio management.

DSC: Personal injury law


DSC Attorneys is an amalgamation of three separate law firms – De Vries, Henry Shields Chiat, and Mostert & Bosman. Excelling primarily in the field of personal injury law and claims, they assist clients with medical malpractice claims, product liability claims and claims associated with aviation accidents and motor vehicle accidents.

DSC Attorneys provides excellent service and has many successful claims under its belt. Also, it operates on a generous “no win, no pay” basis, meaning that unless you win your case, the attorneys won’t charge you for their services.

Mathewson Gess Inc: Criminal law

MGI Attorneys

The highly skilled team of litigators at Mathewson Gess Inc. specialises in criminal law, providing clients with prompt assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The firm assists clients in handling bail applications, fraud charges, driving-related offences, immigration-related offences and the expungement of criminal records, as well as a range of other criminal cases.

Irish Macleod: Entertainment law

Irish MacLeod Inc

Although Irish Macleod has its roots in commercial and employment law, it is now dedicated to serving the entertainment industry. Some of its larger projects have been providing legal assistance during the filming of movies like Dredd, Blood Diamond, Safe House and District 9, all blockbusters that were filmed on location in South Africa.

As well as serving the film industry, Irish Macleod provides legal assistance when it comes to sports, events, music, advertising and entertainment in general. If you need assistance with option agreements, royalty deals, issues regarding chain of title or complicated co-production deals, this is the firm to turn to.

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