Medical Aids with the Worst Customer Service

bad customer serviceIn an industry where so much is at stake, including people’s health and finances, it’s no wonder that customers get really worked up when their medical aids don’t deliver, or do so only after providing poor service.

Read on for our list of some of South Africa’s worst-rated medical aids, based on data from, an industry rating service that uses customer feedback. Across the board, complaints that relate to billing and accounts (including complaints of unpaid claims and rising contributions) are the most common. We also consider other areas in which the medical aids’ customer service departments have fallen flat.

Medscheme: 63% negative rating

Medscheme’s greatest pitfall is in the area of feedback and response. If you’re denied a claim or faced with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, of course you’ll want to be able to get in touch with your provider to find out what has happened. Medscheme clients on HelloPeter are the most unhappy with their provider’s failure to respond to e-mails and phone calls.

Sizwe: 87% negative rating

The most common complaint against Sizwe is that its representatives have a “bad attitude”. This may seem vague but it points to a failure by Sizwe to deal professionally with customers’ complaints. One customer even reported that a Sizwe representative hung up the phone in the middle of a conversation.

Bestmed: 87% negative rating

Although Bestmed has the same negative rating as Sizwe, a greater number of votes were cast for Bestmed, meaning that more negative reviews came through. Bestmed struggle in the same area as Medscheme – feedback and response. Customer complaints range from a complete lack of response to receiving responses offering solutions to the incorrect complaints. Customers also complained about being passed from one consultant to another, with plenty passing of the buck and little real assistance offered.

Bankmed: 89% negative rating

Although Bankmed is a closed medical aid largely for employees in the banking industry, it’s still worth noting its negative rating. Among the complaints for this provider are chronic medication not being provided, dependents being removed from the medical aid scheme without notice and slow response times for queries.

Medihelp: 92% negative rating

Based on HelloPeter ratings, Medihelp holds the title of the South African medical aid with the worst customer service. Complaints range from late to no delivery of medical aid cards and certificates, failure to make payments, passing of the buck and shoddy call centre employees. Although Medihelp can and very occasionally does respond to customer complaints on HelloPeter, it more often fails to do this – leaving its unhappy customers as such.

Now that you know which medical aid providers you should do your best to avoid, find out more about which South African medical aids have the best customer service.

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